2017 Indiana High School Architectural Design Competition

The 2017 Competition is Open!
This year's competition, Fresh Cut, is another exciting, thought provoking and educational design competition open to all Indiana high school students. Playing the role of architect, each student is asked to design a mixed-use, urban food oasis. An urban infill project containing an urban farm, restaurant, and event center. This program asks entrants to explore designing through section, combining a multitude of uses in a single building, and to consider daylight and views in a tall structure. This multi-faceted design program presents many possibilities for design exploration and should be an engaging challenge for any student interested in art, architecture, drafting or interior design.

This design competition is an excellent vehicle for students to explore an interest in architecture and design, as well as a great resume builder. Three top prizes of $500, a custom designed trophy, a certificate of excellence, and a $500 scholarship to a summer architectural workshop, should be pretty motivating as well!

Since 1971 this statewide competition has been hosted by AIA Indianapolis in an effort to encourage the future generation of architects to enter the design field, and to promote the importance of architecture and design to all.

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Need Advice on What Medium to Use?
The competition committee loves hand drawings, especially because we see very few. If you possess any hand drawing skills, we encourage you to hand draw your entry. If you’d like to use the computer then AutoCAD or Revit http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software will both do the job well, and are the programs used by most entrants. We also strongly recommend Sketchup http://www.sketchup.com/ Sketchup isn’t as limiting as other programs can be, especially to novice users. It’s also easy to learn, fun to use, and free.

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